Vuelta Ibiza 2017 Completed!


Last week we were on Ibiza to paddle around this beautiful island, from beach to beach. The start was in Cala Llenya, very close to our hotel Club Cala Azul, side wind took the athletes to Talamanca where the finish of day one was. Beside seasickness there were no major issues on the first stage. Our main sponsor, Mistral, provided us with inflatable SUP boards, water matrassses, flags and most important their extra long, extra high Mistral Mercedes SUP Van. All the 14 ft boards could be transported from finish to our hotel every day, this made transport very easy. The only issue was how to get the boards from the water to the Mistral van, Kai and Jimmy took care of that.
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Second stage took us from Playa d’en Bossa to Cala d’Hort, one of the beautiful small beaches on Ibiza. Next day we took off from the same beach and went to Cala Salada, a very busy beach near Sant Antoni. On this beach we had some issues to get the riders and their equipment to the beach, but as usual we managed. Day 2 and 3 we had lunch and price giving in Surf Lounge Ibiza with an artificial wave. Every day T-shirts, caps, towels and sunglasses were given to the day winners and runners up, since we have the policy that one price is enough almost every participant received a price during the week. Next to that the volunteer of the day also received a gift.
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Stage 4 was the toughest one from Cala Salada to Portinatx, beautiful scenery but no bays and headwind the whole 25 k. For safety reasons we had an extra boat from SUP Paradise Ibiza and a point to be reached for the paddlers before 13.00 hr. At this point 2 paddlers were taken of the water, one of them later returned to here to complete the race. Portinatx was for sure the most relaxing bay to finish and start, nobody wanted to leave there. The conditions for day 5 were magical, flat sea and very hot, most paddlers arrived before 12 in our home bay Cala Llenya. The pool party with DJ Luca started at 14 and was brutally interrupted by the Spanish police, the siesta is sacred in this part of Ibiza and we could finish up packing the Mistral van to prepare for boarding to Barcelona.
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Anne Marie Reichman without you we would not be where we are now with the paddlesport in The Netherlands and I hope you will be there next year. Maru brought the paddlesport to Ibiza and started with the Vuelta Ibiza, thank you for that. Marije you did a lot of work in preparing everything and unfortunately could not be part of the actual race on Ibiza, next year a new opportunity to do so!
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I’d like to thank all the volunteers for helping, athletes for participating, RED Paddle for sponsoring, Legends Tracking for keeping us on track and Vrieservice for the 4G, Mundo Masaje Ibiza for keeping the muscles flexible and Club Cala Azul for the great service during our stay!
A special very big thank you to Mistral for supporting in all ways us during this adventure and keeping the faith in us!
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See you all soon and hopefully all during the SUP11 City Tour 2017, the 9th edition!
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