Update about our cancellation policy for 2020

Cancellation Policy (due to Covid-19)

At this moment we are expecting that the 12th edition will be held in SUPtember 2020. Like always, we are working all year round with the crew behind the scenes to make the event happen. We have been adjusting the lodging and set up for the the food trucks already to the current COVID-19 situation.The exact set up will be more clear closer to the date of the event and will be shared with you of course.

We understand that for the atletes in general the preparation for this edition is influenced by the COVID-19 situation. On the other hand, paddling in the beautiful scenery of Friesland can give you new energy, for a new start after the pandemic.

Traveling is not the same as before. So given these conditions we have the following options in this very special year:

* Option 1
You are joining the 12th edition of the SUP11 City Tour in Friesland. You are able to travel to The Netherlands. If you booked a spot on the sleeping boat, we will contact you personally.

* Option 2
Postponing your participation to 2021 / 2022. Because you are not able to travel from your country to The Netherlands in SUPtember 2020 or you couldn’t prepare for the event to participate at your desired level. You will get as a ‘thank you’ a re-usable SUP11 water bottle when you will arrive here in Friesland at the event.

* Option 3 (valid till 1st of July)
Cancellation of the participation for 2020, we will refund your registration fee, minus the costs we already made for the event. (€50,-).

* After 1st of July (please email us if you are in a country that have other restrictions then most European countries at the moment (18-6-2020))
Between July 1st 2020 – up until July 16th 2020 50% refund
Between July 16th 2020 – up until August 1st 2020 25% refund
After August 1st 2020 0% refund

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