2022 NON-Stop SUP 11-City Tour

The 10th of September around eight o clock, the streets of Leeuwarden where still quiet and the birds were chirping peacefully. But then this peaceful scenery was rudely disturbed by a starting shot, meaning that the first group of NON-Stop paddlers started their 200 kilometers journey on the Frisian waters. A total of 31 athletes started this morning aiming to complete the tour and earn their Elfstedenkruisje.

The 8:00am start at 10/9/2022

The weather forecasts told us that this day we could expect some typical Dutch weather, which means that the athletes needed to prepare themselves for all kinds of weather, but only a bit of wind started to blow, but no rain!. After 9,5 hours of paddling unfortunately the first athlete made the decision to drop out of the tour. Followed by a couple of other athletes, a total of 10 athletes dropped out. 

Around 7:30 the athletes got blessed with the most beautiful sunrise, giving them the much-needed energy after peddling in the dark for a while. After 28 hrs 02 min and 58 sec Ella Oesterholt finishes her Elfstedentocht. With a strong pace she peddles over the finish line, beating the old record set by Janneke Smit in 2016. Up in second place we have Tea Wieland who paddled 35 hrs 25 min 42 sec! She will prepare for her 5 day event, that will start on Wednesday.

Up next where the man. Leonard Nika finished his Elfstentocht with a time of 24 hrs 40 min and 18 sec and took the coveted first place. In second Roland Schaftenaar who sprinted his last couple off meters to the finish line and finished with a time of 29 hrs 32 min 10 sec. Not far behind him Chris Davison finished third with a time of 31 hrs 20 min and 38 sec.

Then the Tandem Team Paddle Club Vassiviere came over the finish line after peddling 26 hrs 47 min 11 sec. They actually have beaten the time of the current recordholders at that point. Which where Franck and Stephane. But Franck an Stephane were also on track to break this newly established record. They overtook the new record with a time of 25 hrs 15 min 30 sec.

Meanwhile somehow Tandem Team Alison & Allistair lost their fin on their way to Leeuwarden, so they had to work hard to make it to the finish line, but they did. 

Last but certainly not least we have the teams. 3Bay Dreamteam finished first, with a time of 27 hrs 52 min 15 sec. Not far behind team Paddle club vassiviere finshed second with a time of 28 hrs 12 min 41 sec. On place number three we have team Jim time n de rest with a time of 31 hrs 03 min 34 sec. 

ALL times:

NON-Stop Women

  1. Ella Oesterholt 28:02:58.5
  2. Tea Wieland 35:25:42.0

NON-Stop Men

  1. Leonard Nika 24:40:18.5
  2. Ronald Schaftenaar 29:32:10.1
  3. Mark Kruisheer 30:07:45.3
  4. Goran Gustavsson 30:32:23.6
  5. Chris Davison 31:20:38.1
  6. Kevin Kohn 32:19:48.9
  7. Jan Landa 32:34:32.1
  8. Jelle Kleijn 33:56:19.2
  9. Martin Luitwieler 34:11:54.9
  10. Sander Zimmerman 35:28:00.5
  11. Richard Wiesner 36:27:14.5

NON-Stop Tandem Team

  1. Team Tahoe 425pro 25:15:30.2
  2. Team Levallois 26:47:11.8
  3. Team Alison 30:17:00.3

NON-Stop Teams

  1. Team 3bay Dreamteam 27:52:15.7
  2. Team Paddle Club Vassiviere 28:12:41.2
  3. Team Paddleboard Neratovice Cz 30:53:49
  4. Team Jim Tim En De Rest 31:03:35

So, that’s a wrap! To all the athletes a great applause for their effort and achievements. We are all going to get some rest and prep for the upcoming five-day event. 

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