2022 Day 2 of the 14th Annual 5-day SUP 11-City Tour

Sloten to Workum

As the morning slowly unfolds itself, the breakfast crew at It Beaken was already up and running at 6 o’clock to prepare the breakfast for all the volunteers. Because as the Dutch saying tells us ‘On an empty stomach you cannot function’, a good breakfast is a must.

“It is going to be typical autumn weather today.”

Hans Schouten

Whilst the time to the first start of the day creeps by the athletes got an unexpected warmup. Suddenly there was a cloudburst and everyone outside looked for shelter. This meant sprinting to one of the tents to escape the rain. All cozied up together under the tents waiting for the rain to pass the wind was picking up. The athletes now realized that the hard wind was going to be a challenge today. It was up to the Tour athletes to start and face the wind first. Based on previous entry times the Tour was divided into two starting groups this day. After the two Tour groups left Sloten the start of the Open Ladies, Diva’s, Grand Diva’s, Masters, Grand Masters and Open Men followed. Unlike yesterday when the Open Men encountered a false start, today every start went smoothly.

After the start the athletes faced the sidewind on the Slotermeer head on. Meanwhile a couple of crew members found their way to Balk. Not only to give some mental support to the athletes who just survived the Slotermeer, but also to make a necessary pitstop at the Meinsma Bakery. This bakery is a hidden gem discovered by Hans Schouten, who each year goes by to get the best cakes and pastries. After buying up half of the supply of the bakery, the crew had to go on her way again.

When noon came, the land crew already made her way to Workum to build the SUP 11 village back up again. Other crew members looked after the athletes on the water as well on land. The song ‘It’s Raining Men’ of The Weather Girls was sung aloud by crew members at the resting place in Galamadammen in honor of the rain. Luckily this afternoon we also got blessed with some sunshine. Unfortunately, is wasn’t long before this was interspersed with some heavy rain showers.

The bellringing today was first done in Stavoren. Later, this day when the athletes paddled through Hindeloopen to do the second bellringing of the day you could hear the wind howling along the lines of the sailboats. Finishing today’s stage, the athletes can be proud for all the hard work they have put in battling the wind.

Time trials

The weather forecast for tomorrow isn’t looking any better. This means that it is going to be a tough time trial tomorrow. Each year the competitive athletes take part in a time trial. Meaning, that the athletes will each have different starting times. That is because the athletes will be individually timed from the start until the first resting point in Bolsward. The reason behind this time trial is to measure the individual results of the athletes as they paddle alone and cannot get any advantage of paddling in a train.

“Tomorrow will wait us some all-determining time trials.”

Hans Schouten

73 athletes in total will compete in the time trial tomorrow. In the Open Men Bruno Hasulyo leads in the ranking, so tomorrow leaves a change for Joep van Bakel to catch up with him. In the category Grand Master the time trial will decide who becomes first and second, since Pascal Bleys and Gunther de Bin share first place right now. In the Masters number 2 until 7 are all close together in the ranking. The competition is also on in the category Ladies Open. Petronella van Malsen is only in the lead by 1 minute and 21 seconds from Tanja Ecker. For the Diva’s Hanneke de Jong will strengthen her position as well as Tineke Merkus in the Grand Diva’s. So keep your eyes peeled for some exiting battles tomorrow.

Race results 15.09.22

Open Men

  1. Bruno Hasulyo 5 hrs 0 min 38 sec
  2. Joep van Bakel 5 hrs 08 min 01 sec
  3. Ricardo Haverschmidt 5 hrs 22 min 32 sec


  1. Michiel Keesmakers 5 hrs 37 min 24 sec
  2. Paulo Caldera 5 hrs 41 min 02 sec
  3. Jochum Steur 5 hrs 41 min 04 sec

Grand Masters

  1. Pascal Bleys/Gunther de Bin 5 hrs 49 min 22 sec
  2. ..
  3. Henrik Carstens 6 hrs 04 min 57 sec

Open Ladies

  1. Petronella van Malsen 6 hrs 05 min 09 sec
  2. Tanja Ecker 6 hrs 05 min 12 sec
  3. Nicoline Rasmussen 6 hrs 12 min 31 sec


  1. Hanneke de Jong 7 hrs 01 min 42 sec
  2. Annelies Loots 7 hrs 05 min 45 sec
  3. Emma Adams 8 hrs 05 min 36 sec

Grand Diva’s

  1. Tineke Merkus/ Marion Behrens 6 hrs 45 min 04 sec
  2. .
  3. Dorthe Nielsen 6 hrs 58 min 49 sec

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