Day 3 of the 12 Annual 5-day SUP 11-City Tour

A Cloudy, colder 14 Celcius degrees day greets us in Workum this ‘Humpday’, but Marije ensures “it feels good!” Bart de Zwart was also feeling good joining the LIVE show with Chris Parker. The SUPracer man showed some great images from the Windsurfing Elfstedentocht (organized 10 years in a row up till 1991) that BartContinue reading

Day 2 of the 12th Annual 5-day SUP 11-City Tour

Picture perfect sunny start lines seem to be an annual ‘the thing’ in Sloten. And today was no exception. At 9:20 the last elite group started and took off. Over the Slotermeer paddlers headed into Balk, a perfect crew coffee pitstop, and then into the Luts “the Green Hawaii” of Friesland.  With a westerly breezeContinue reading

Day 1 of the 12th Annual 5-day SUP 11-City Tour

The excitement and crispiness was in the air! And at 9 am, during the LIVE SHOW with Chris Parker (who is stuck in Australia), Marije Elgersma (in Leeuwarden) and myself from Hawaii, the first tour start took place in Leeuwarden. Temperatures were warm (18 degrees), but it was also muggy. A few ‘watery’ sun raysContinue reading

NON-Stop SUP 11-City Tour 2020 – The story

As we all know Anne-Marie had to stay on Maui, due to the travel restrictions. But even though she wasn’t in Friesland during the NON-stop she was following it online by our social media channels and some input from us again. This is her write up of an amazing 7th edition of the NON-stop. Enjoy!Continue reading

SUP 11-City 2020 NON-Stop -> how to follow?

Leeuwarden – 4th of September was the evening of meeting up with the NON-Stop Athletes. 13 men, 1 women and 5 teams will start on the 5th early in the morning in 4 ‘start-waves’; 7:00 am / 8:00 / 10:00 / 12:00. For exact names / teams and their times click HERE. We wil keepContinue reading


GREEN LIGHT 💚✅🟢 we have been wanting to share this news for weeks now. But we had to wait for the ‘green light’ from the local governments. Despite the current world wide situation we are super stoked to be able to host the 12th edition of the SUP11 City Tour. Our reasoning behind the pushContinue reading

Update about our cancellation policy for 2020

Cancellation Policy (due to Covid-19) At this moment we are expecting that the 12th edition will be held in SUPtember 2020. Like always, we are working all year round with the crew behind the scenes to make the event happen. We have been adjusting the lodging and set up for the the food trucks alreadyContinue reading

Covid-19 Update

See the day to day results of the SUP11 2019

Click on this link to see the day to day results of 2019 in racesplitter!

The NON-stop of 2019 – written by SUP Racer – Christopher Parker

— RACE RECAP — / The “Non-stop” version of the famous Sup11 – City Tour is one of the toughest “ultras” in the world. The course is 204km (127 miles) and follows the same route as the five-day race (which begins on Wednesday). But unlike the stage race, the non-stop version is completed in theContinue reading

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