Non-Stop Results

Results for the non-stop can be viewed here on RaceSplitter
Results for the non-stop can be downloaded here in PDF (final)


Tour Results per Day

Day 1 results from Leeuwarden to Sloten on RaceSplitter

Day 2 results from Sloten to Workum on RaceSplitter

Day 3 results from Workum to Franeker on RaceSplitter

Day 4 results from Franeker to Dokkum on RaceSplitter

Day 5 results from Dokkum to Leeuwarden on RaceSplitter

Overall results for the full 5 days can be:
Downloaded here in PDF (final)

Please note that all times on RaceSplitter are not-final and not corrected for any breaks, changes, or penalties. Only the PDF documents published at the end of the tour are final and definitive, if marked as such.


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