The Weather in Friesland during the SUP 11-City Tour can vary from windless sunny warm weather to stormy, rainy accompanied with colder temperatures. Think about thin sportswear (layers) like runners and bicyclists, that is comfortable to wear that dries fast (when falling in the water). A wind jacket or extra shirt is recommended to prevent cooling off.


Due to grass and weeds in the canals, it is recommended to use a ‘weed fin’.

Small waterproof backpack for the rest post and finish

You can give a small waterproof backpack to the organization. This bag will be taken by the organization of the SUP 11-City Tour from the start location to the lunch (rest post). It is recommended to bring extra energy drinks + snacks (so you can fill up your supplies for the 2nd half of the day stage). Also a warm sweater/ jacket and a set of dry clothes is recommended (when you fall in the water or when you need to wait for your support crew/ or your accommodation)

Every morning during the Skippersmeeting we’ll point out where you can put the bag.

Please label your bag with your name.


Bring sufficient food during the race. Water for preparation of sports-drinks is available before, at the rest post and after the race.

Board storage

Your board will be at the SUP village during the nights, there is enough space to store all the boards. At every finish the volunteers will know where you can put the board.

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