Day 2 of the 12th Annual 5-day SUP 11-City Tour

Picture perfect sunny start lines seem to be an annual ‘the thing’ in Sloten. And today was no exception. At 9:20 the last elite group started and took off. Over the Slotermeer paddlers headed into Balk, a perfect crew coffee pitstop, and then into the Luts “the Green Hawaii” of Friesland. 

With a westerly breeze off wind, paddlers endured head winds again and a bit of rain on the lakes kept it cool. Thankfully, as the forecast predicted, the weather got better and from Stavoren onwards it was a sunny ride. After Stavoren, side winds were a ‘piece of cake’ (yeah right!!).

In picturesque Hindeloopen, athletes had to ring the bell (like yesterday in IJlst). It serves as a traditional check point from the ice skating eleven city tour; making sure all the riders go through all the 11 cities. 

Compared to yesterday where everything was a battle, the atmosphere looked a lot lighter today. Joep van Bakel and Bruno Hasulyo paddled together the whole day and finished in a time of 5:04:54 in Workum; the finishing city off today’s stage. 

Petronella Van Malsen took another win today 5:40:38 and is feeling good. “Much easier than yesterday” she said. 

But let’s not forget about the Masters, Grandmasters and Diva’s as their battle is just as heated as the elite. Marion Behrens from Germany finished todays stage in a very respectable time of 6 hours and 11 minutes.

Masters Guido Donze from Switzerland and Niels Lonborg from Denmark had a sprint finish after racing for 5 hours and 16 minutes. Guido took the lead today with 5 seconds. 

It is fun to mention that a lot of non-stop athletes come back this 5-day event to support their team members or sup friends. It is the perfect way to ‘talk story’ and stay in the SUP 11 bubble a little longer with like-minded madmen;) And!! support is always so welcome when you race! 

With the last athlete Halbe Algra from The Netherlands getting over the finish line at 6:30 pm today, the focus is shifting to meals and mellow moments for the athletes. 


When you are crew, you are never done it seems like. It is a non-stop week for them! Race director Hans Schouten and Alice Fortuin will surely be preparing for tomorrows trials till the later hours of the evening. All the competitors will pretty much sprint 10 km to get their personal time trial time without drafting. This element is inspired by the Tour de France, yes… you can say that the SUP 11-City Tour is the Tour the France of Stand Up Paddling. The Tour paddlers will not do a time trial and continue a beautiful stretch from Workum to Franeker, with a well deserved break in Witmarsum. 

A Huge mahalo to Marije, Ritske, Kiki, the media team & the army of volunteers for making everything run smoothly and to make everything so greatly visible around the world!
Off course also a huge mahalo to all the sponsors who help sustain our event. 

Last but not least; without athletes no race… Thanks for bringing the excitement on the water and inspiring!

We will see you back online with more recaps and detailed info of today’s action with SUPracers LIVE SHOW at 8:30 am Workum time. And for all the online followers like myself; it is super fun to watch this Live Show, because you get to be part of the starts & feel the vibe of the event.

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